Sunday, November 18, 2012

Up Date Of Me ^^

Assalamualikum and Sawadeekap ^^

Hola2 my dear readers,

       Today I'm going to tell u about myself.  If u already had discover my previous blog; My Way, My Style, u can find all the details bout me. So, now I just want to update little bit about myself since the last blog was in 2009. So, guess what happen to me after 4 years?

 Ahaa.. before this I was taking Diploma in Banking, UiTM Segamat for 3 years babeyh! And alhamdulillah, Praised to Allah that I have graduated with flying colours. So now, I am furthering my studies in Bachelor Degree in Finance (Hons.)  for 2 years and    Surprise2 that I'm still in Segamat! And guess what? Almost 5years dude! hahaha..but I really Love to stay and study in UiTM Segamat coz lots of beautiful memories i had gone through.. ;) 

K..for my beloved readers, I will share with u some subjects and terms in finance and I hope that it will help u guys in looking for solutions. But u guys have to wait for my next entry ;) 


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